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INSYNC Social gives you access to a variety of meaningful experiences together with amazing people.

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Discover new experiences in your city

Share your talent

Join a workshop hosted by one of our members and get inspired.

Happy friday drinks

Every first Friday of the month in a local bar. We see you there!

Box. Game mode on.

Release your inner Rocky Balboa during our energetic boxing classes.

Boat trips

Come enjoy a fun boat ride with drinks, music and amazing people.

Explore and enrich your city life


Be insync with our community and connect with incredible people  

INSYNC Social is active in cities where we have or will have INSYNC Living properties. INSYNC Social will give you the opportunity to connect with our network of people, which whom you will be able to explore the city and make new friends.


Join events and discover new experiences!

We organise experiences in our INSYNC Living properties and in the surrounding neighbourhood. On top of that members can use our network to organise their own INSYNC Social events.


Enjoy discounts in your neighbourhood!

When we launch INSYNC Living and INSYNC Social in a new city, we partner with local brands to provide our members exclusive discounts and deals. You can check our latest deals in the INSYNC application. Any other suggestions? We would love to hear them.

How does it work?

Apply at INSYNC Social

Simply click the the 'join now' button and tell us something about yourself. We will reach out to you with further details after one of our team members has looked at your application.

Join events and experiences

Every month we will share a calendar of our events and experiences. We will ask you whether you want to attend. If you have any ideas for other activities, please let us know as well!

Invite your friends to INSYNC

We want to grow our community, so when you invite a friend to join INSYNC Social we have a little present ready for the both of you. See you soon!

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