Be more INSYNC

INSYNC Social provides a social network in which our members can be insync with themselves, each other and the city.

Our values


We believe that when people come together they are able to achieve more, learn more and experience more than alone.


We want to be bold. We want to try out new things. And we want to explore what the city has to offer together with you.


With INSYNC Social we want to promote a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle and offer our members the tools to do so.

Our purpose

In this ever-changing world we are responsible for how we spend our life and what our future will look like. But why do it alone? Being part of a collective allows you to achieve much more with an impact that lasts.  

INSYNC Social represents a shared purpose that aims to bring people together and to inspire people to live a more social life. Together we can overcome urban challenges and contribute to shaping the future in a more viable way.

Humans are social creatures and find it important to be surrounded by people, but in an age where we are more connected than ever, it is ironical to see that we have never felt so isolated. As a member of INSYNC Social you experience an interactive community that enables you to easily meet new people and discover what your city has to offer.

The activities and platform are designed to encourage you to be more in-sync with each other, the city and yourself. Ideas are shared and new ideas arrive, local initiatives benefit the neighbourhood and several sport activities allow you to be more health conscious. After all, being out-of-sync, implies it is time to rethink.