Frequently asked questions

What is INSYNC Social?

INSYNC Social is a platform designed for people to meet, connect and discover what the city has to offer. We provide a social infrastructure in which you can enjoy cultural, intellectual and physical experiences with others.

What do I have to pay?

Joining INSYNC Social is free. When we organise activities, event and experiences we ask a small fee to cover the expenses.

Who can join INSYNC Social?

Everyone above the age of 21 is welcome to apply at INSYNC Social. We are looking for members who want to help others become a better version of themselves. After you submitted your application we will reach out to you with further information about INSYNC Social.

How often do you organise activities?

Every first Friday of the month we organise our happy Friday drinks in Amsterdam. As our community scales we will add new activities and experiences in our monthly calendar.

What is INSYNC Living?

INSYNC Living provides affordable housing to young professionals in Dutch cities. We offer a form of community-based living where members pay a single price for a unit with access to communal areas and a build-in community. In all our properties we strive to create a healthy living environment so our members can live a well-balanced life. Find out more? Check out: